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Do I need a license?

Nope, you will be under supervision of a Range Officer

Do I need a reservation?

Yes you do. The more notice the better, but same day reservations are accepted if we can accomidate.

What is the age limit?

Children must be physically large enough to hold the firearms safely, and minimum of 10 years old. Children are carefully supervised.

Do you sell Guns & Ammunition?:

No, we don't. We supply the firearms and ammunition for the duration of your visit, but none can leave with you

Do you have refreshments for purchase at the range?

No, you should bring your own non alcoholic beverages and food. If you are with a group, we can work with your group for catering if desired

Can I bring my own guns and ammunition to use at the various ranges?

No, sorry-our range doesn't offer "Day Passes." Contact the Pemberton Wildlife Association for range membership if you want to use the range with your own firearms. 

How do we find the range?

There is NO street address. However, Google Maps will recognize Whistler Shooting Adventures. Other GPS systems may or may not work. There is no bus service to the range, without your own car your options are a taxi or check availability of our shuttle. 


From Whistler:

 Head north towards Pemberton (opposite of Squamish/Vancouver!) you will travel 15-20 minutes until you go underneath a train bridge. This is the ONLY time you go under something. Next is a steep, winding hill. As you get to the top of the hill, the range is on your left, there is a sign that says GUN RANGE.

Turning left into the range at this point is dangerous, so I suggest you go past there a minute and down to the railroad tracks where you can safely turn around and come back for a right hand turn.

From Pemberton:

Travel towards Whistler, you will go over some railroad tracks then up a hill. As you crest the hill, the range is on your right. There is a sign that says GUN RANGE.


Don't have a car? 
WSA SUV Shuttle-$130. Up to 7 passengers. Limited availability so book early!
Book a ride with a Taxi or  Whistle Ride Share WHISTLE
Whistler Taxi  - 604-932-3333
Resort Taxi - 604-938-1515


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